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Divorce Workshops for Texas

There are variations of a 4-hour information packed workshop consisting of three segments produced by a family law attorney, a mental health professional and a certified divorce financial analyst ® professional. These professionals address the legal, financial, and emotional issues associated with divorce. Participants will gain important knowledge and resources to inform, prepare, and protect them while gaining a greater understanding of the divorce process. People who are educated and prepared make better decisions for themselves and their families. 

Check "Events" Section of website for upcoming workshops.

General Schedule Of Events

Registration And Welcome

Legal Issues of Divorce

  • Overview of Texas divorce law
  • Ways to approach divorce
  • Child issues and spousal maintenance
  • Estate planning, insurance, and wills


Emotional Issues of Divorce

  • Types of mental health professionals
  • Helping your children cope with the stress
  • Long distance parenting, parental alienation, toxic parents
  • Creating a life you love

Financial Issues of Divorce

  • Property and debt division
  • Marital vs. separate property
  • Tax consequences and asset valuation
  • How to increase your chances for an equitable distribution of assets


Wrap Up / Q&A

Registration and a $40 fee may be required depending upon the location and venue.